Objective-C developer

Objective-C, the object-oriented language

Objective-C is a object-oriented programming language. It is an extension of C, like C++. Currently, Objective-C is used in Apple‘s operating systems: macOS and iOS.

Using the Apple development language

Since the launch of the iPhone in 2007 and the Apple Store, Objective-C has established itself as the main programming language for iPhone and iPad mobile applications. Although its syntax is not easy to use (especially for beginners), Objective-C offers a powerful object-oriented programming language. This language also offers other features that help in the development process of applications such as: categories, dynamic typing, sending messages between objects, automatic garbage collection

After a few years of quasi-monopoly as the main development language for Apple platforms, Objective-C has lost its position in favour of Swift.

The strengths of Objective-C

  • Object-oriented language that offers a feature like sending messages between objects (a feature from Smalltalk).
  • Category usage: a category is the part of a class that is taken separately, to keep the class compact and for a specific purpose, in order to provide additional functionality
  • Object introspection is simple
  • The language offers the dynamic run-time (allows to create classes in a dynamic way, to add methods to an existing class dynamically, to change the method implementation ….)
  • Automatic garbage collector has its own process that runs together with the application code
  • Easy to use dynamic typing

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