Audit data

Provide clear answers to your operational questions using your data.
→ Use and enhance the value of your data capital.


  • Map your data
  • Define your KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Manage your business in a rational and informed way
  • Automate and enhance the compilation and analysis of your data
  • Make your analytical data more reliable

Included services


  • Gather and define the operational needs
  • Co-construct the creation of optimal values


  • Centralise and standardise the data from various channels
  • Analyse the best software solution
  • Set up targeted prototypes to help choose the software solution


  • Get concrete solutions that can be implemented in your IS
  • Acquire solutions compatible with your technical and human resources
  • Benefit from our data expertise and customised support

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How it works ?

We build your analysis reports based on your operational needs and your capital data.
Whatever your data sources, we will centralise them to provide cross-analysis.


For whom ?

  • Regardless the size of your company, a relevant analysis of your data is essential
  • Monitoring your business requires combining and analysing data
  • You have multiple sales channels ?
  • You collect a lot of data and you don’t know how to analyse it ?
  • You want to add value to your data ?

For what ?

  • To manage your business in an informed way
  • To stop spending hours on reports
  • To find the right information at the right moment

How ?

  • Our experts data experts have a pragmatic and iterative approach in order to best meet your needs with a controlled investment and rapid concrete results
  • Through a permanent technological monitoring, we integrate new technologies into existing systems. In this way, we build the foundations of your data system of tomorrow
  • Our experts will support and advise you. They will audit your existing systems, in order to guide your internal (or external) teams to Data emancipation

Aujourd’hui tout projet innovant s’assure d’avoir un socle data performant et cohérent, car la donnée est la valeur de ces projets.

N’attendez surtout pas de rencontrer des problèmes dans votre data avant de faire un audit. Sans problèmes apparents, il est toujours possible de faire mieux !

Case study

Context of the request :

Contracted company to conduct statistical surveys on the import and delivery of fertilisers in France. The challenge is to capture, centralise and render the data in the form of multiple reports.

Tekoway intervention :

Study and development of the ETL module allowing the data to be captured and standardised centrally.

Study of BI and DataViz solutions allowing to (examples on the left)  :

  • Generate the desired reports
  • Provide flexibility and evolution to the system

Implement the chosen solution and train on how to use it.


Project Manager

Our job is to give confidence to our clients and to the various players. This confidence is based on the quality of the work we deliver and that we develop according to the type of project and the desired needs. These technological tools allow us to analyse large data volumes and then combine them with statistical models. These tools also and above all allow us to carry out specific analyses, on demand, and even “on the fly”.

Other services

Data advice
Data advice
Analyze your business and business challenges to identify the right approach
Develop the solution that best suits your needs
Load test
Load test
Check that your website, web application or mobile application performs when many users log in and perform actions simultaneously
Audit Data
Audit Data
Advise and support you on data (business intelligence and big data)