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RGPD Advice

In force since 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation is getting tougher, it is time to react by auditing its compliance and making its document framework.


  • Regain control of all collected data and where it is located
  • Gain confidence and secure the activity

Included services

  • Add value to the data
  • Control the entire chain of processes: from capture, to storage and operations


  • Reinforce the trust relationship with your customers/users
  • Avoid penalties

How it works ?

RGPD audit

The first step is to understand your business and your practices, to know your tools and your organisation in order to deduce the regulatory constraints applicable to your situation.

Map your data

The aim is to respect the legal processing of data, but our objective is to make you independent in terms of data acquisition and management. The RGPD must be applied respecting your needs.

Raise awareness of the teams

The proper implementation of the RGPD, and more importantly Data, requires a collegial understanding of the issues, and an application by all, including the management of the change.

Train the teams

At all company levels, your employees are involved in data protection because they are part of the organisation and the customer relationship. Their knowledge and actions must be integrated into the chain of protection and enhancement of your data.

Organise your processes

The Regulatory obligations are now state of the art. Simple, reliable and efficient processes must be put in place to guarantee qualified and secure data processing obligations.


Thus, the steps are validated, the processes and documents created, and the teams made aware and involved. All you have to do now is appoint a RGPD delegate to maintain and keep your document database up-to-date, which will protect you from the risks of penalties and competition.

By integrating the constraints due to the RGPD in your processes at a very early stage, and with a real vision on your data, you will increase the confidence of your customers and users, you will regain control of your data, you will create value. Tekoway will assist you in this project.

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