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Technical audit

Technology brings value to your business.
We will help you control it.


  • Evaluate a third-party system and/or the value of your software
  • Streamline your digital investments
  • Secure your business
  • Gain the (milli)seconds that male the difference and optimise the avoidable technical debt

Included services

  • A detailed audit document
  • A clear, factual and hierachical list of risks and opportunities with understandable metrics to assess and decide
  • Decision support, via our consultancy support, to ensure the right interpretation and the best decisions


  • Map your digital assets, quickly and pragmatically
  • Ensure visibility and good decision making on the elements to be worked on
  • Experienced professionals in developing customised projects

How it works ?

Important issues

Your turnover is often linked to the quality of your site, while the users are more and more demanding today. The tools must therefore be constantly optimised to meet the requirements of the change management.

The websites and software therefore require strong considerations of security, technical debt management, maintenance and evolution to be aligned with your business challenges.

A solid approach

Over a period of 5 to 7 days a technical expert, supported by a lead developer, will audit your platform based on your expectations. The study will cover the fundamentals of your digital assets: quality of the existing system, reversibility, technical debt, risks, opportunities and security.

Our investigation will remain non-intrusive technically and in relation to your teams.

Quality deliverables

Our detailed audit summarises in a single document the feasibility and relevance of the proposed corrections in a simple and clear manner for everyone.

Once the audit is carried out, the expert in charge of the analysis will present his conclusions during the meeting and will remain at your disposal for any questions on your asset. His aim is to accompany you before, during and after the analysis.

L’Audit Technique vous permet de dresser un bilan complet sur  : la sécurité de vos systèmes, les performances de vos applications, la qualité de votre actif digital dont sa capacité à évoluer avec vos besoins et… dans le temps.

Other services

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