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Swift, the new and powerful language from Apple

Swift is a powerful and innovative programming language launched by Apple to develop applications on the company’s mobile and desktop platforms..

 Using Swift for your Apple application is easy and intuitive

Since 2015, the year it was launched, Swift has improved from one version to the next. So far, this programming language is in its 4ème version, while at the same time, the conversion of projects with older versions has been simplified. Meanwhile, Swift has also passed into open source.

Swift is Objective-C without the C”, according to Apple’s chief technology officer Craig Federighi. However, Swift is winning over Objective-C by offering better application performance and greater development flexibility.

Using Swift : What are the advantages ?

  • The syntaxe is clearer and easier to use. The number of code’s lines ro realise the same functionality is smaller in Swift versus Objective-C.

  • The language offers interesting features that have been taken from languages like: Python, JavaScript, Ruby …

  • The language is easy to learn and offers a quick learning curve.

  • The language offers secure memory management, which means that the applications are less exposed to crashes and memory leaks.

  • The language offers a higher execution speed than other languages like Python or Objective-C. These performances are close to C++.

  • The language supports dynamic libraries.

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