Load testing

Check that your website, web application or mobile application is functioning well when many users are connected and perform actions simultaneously


  • Measure the resistance of your site in case the number of visitors increases drastically
  • Assess the maximum capacity of the site
  • Identify the ways to optimize the performance of your application
  • Quickly and easily activate a load test tool via our partner OctoPerf

Included services

  • Create test de scenarios (from simple to critical)
  • Project management and recommendations during the entire project
  • Setup of environments and testing via our full SaaS partner OctoPerf (Tekoway is formed & certified for 3 years)
  • Detailed performance report and proposal of improvement levers


  • Be able to anticipate the risks and know the real capacity of your tools, quickly and at a lower cost
  • Ensure optimal operation when there is a significant increase in the number of visitors
  • Avoid user disappointment and increase your conversion rate
  • Simple and quick tests to implement on your critical paths

Octoperf, publishes a SAAS tool for load testing that is very simple to deploy and very powerful. It can be adapted to all businesses and all web-based tools, from internal software on mobile phones to e-commerce sites.
It is used by many specialists in this field.
Tekoway, trained and certified  for 3 years, relies on this tool and on Octoperf’s expertise to help you provide your customers the best use value of your developments, and to help you optimize your existing system.

How it works ?

Can you calculate how much you will lose as a result of access prpblems to your online services ?
We will help you to avoid having to answer this question !

the scenarios to be tested

the scale-up

the tratement time

improvement areas

Performance tests, also called load tests (TMC), allow you to know the real capacity of your platform. We will help you verify that this performance is in line with your business objectives by defining quick test scenarios with your teams.

We test, via a non-intrusive tool, the impact of an increasing number of users/actions on the service, its capacity to function normally without breaks, slowdowns or other. The tests are carried out in groups to allow your teams to react and correct quickly.

Scenarios are reproduced automatically with variable durations and volumes (5 simultaneous users, 100, 1,000, 10,000, etc.): logging in, logging out, adding an item to the shopping cart, validating a document, etc. This will appear in a detailed report.

The results are presented based on our experience with web projects. We identify and prioritise the most relevant issues with you. Your service is functional in all the situations you have anticipated.
Your users’ experience is safe.

Whether your digital solution is an e-commerce, an ERP or a business application, it is important to check during its lifecycle (before its launch, development, communication plan or simply validation of your objectives of use) that each scenario of use or functionality works effectively when there are many requests.

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Load test
Load test
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