How much it costs to create a mobile application ?

One of the first questions to be considered when developing a mobile application is  «  What is the budget ? ».

So what price should you pay for a mobile application?

As for many services, it depends on several factors: functionality, design, used technologies etc…
Our clients often ask us how much it would cost to develop their mobile application, and the cost of developing the application can vary.
Of course it is possible to give you a price estimation before having the specifications of your product, however it is likely to change as the specifications are detailed.

Process of developing a mobile application :


Features :

Your mobile application is made up of several features.

Each option requires time to develop: for example, the integration of a form requires less time than a geo-location system.


User interface & Design :

The user interface and design are two major elements for the success of your project.

This phase is important because it defines the quality of the development. It is a time-consuming part, the client and the development team have to agree on the complete visual identity (logo, colour etc…).

The more precise your ideas are, the more likely you are to get a complete application.


Technologies :

The technologies that will be used when developing your mobile application depend on several factors.  One of the first and most important are the publishing platforms you will be sending your application to.

IOS apps are published on the Apple Store and Android apps on Google Play.

The second factor is the type of development.

There are three different types: native, hybrid or web. Depending on the specifics of your project, our development team will guide you to the best solution.


Additional costs

When launching your project, the design and development are the biggest expenses

Some mandatory additional costs will have to be taken into account :
-Server: To host your application

– Registration on the stores: Apple store (99€/year) Google play ( only 25€ at once)

These amounts are less than the total cost of the project but must be taken into account.

Before we can give you the budget required to develop a mobile application, you will need to draw up the specifications. You can contact us to help you in this phase.

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