OctoPerf certifies Tekoway and strengthens its presence in the South of France

Aix en Provence, France, February 08th, 2017,

OctoPerf SAS, publisher of the cloud-based performance testing software with the same name, is pleased to announce a partnership with Tekoway to promote  OctoPerf software and performance testing missions.

Based in Marseille, Tekoway is a major player in the Mediterranean basin, a truly agile and innovative agency specialized in digital creation, web development, project management and performance testing, with a significant local footprint.

This cooperation will allow OctoPerf to rely on a quality partner, certified by the OctoPerf team, to help its current and future clients located in the regions to implement performance tests, while having an expertise approved by the editor.

Although OctoPerf is active internationally, it is looking to develop its activity in France and become a major player in the Marseilles ecosystem. The support of Tekoway, a company that is highly integrated with corporate accounts, is a real advantage in this deployment, and guarantees very efficient service agreements.

Through this certification, Tekoway affirms its know-how in performance testing and will henceforth rely on this competence to help its clients realize their digital transformation.

About OctoPerf

OctoPerf SAS is a young innovative French company, editor of the cloud-based performance testing software OctoPerf. OctoPerf aims to democratize the performance testing by offering its users an inexpensive and easy to use tool that guarantees the realization of very realistic performance tests. OctoPerf targets a global market where the digital shift has made companies aware of the need to carry out performance tests that will guarantee the stability of their applications. OctoPerf is a facilitator in a market dominated by complex and expensive solutions.

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