Ionic developer

The open source solution

Ionic is an open source framework to build hybrid mobile applications using web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

It provides web-based components designed for mobile as well as native APIs using Cordova and Ionic Native

Ionic, the multi-support framework

Ionic has its own command line interface tool which is useful to build and develop an application and especially to avoid writing the standard code, thus saving precious time.

Ionic can help you develop mobile applications more easily due to its detaled documentation and community. It has a hybrid technology, which allows you to develop a mobile application and build it for many different platforms.

Speed, ease & quality : Discover the strengths of Ionic !

  • Creation of hybrid and multi-support applications : Code your application in one step and deploy it on several plateforms, it’s possible with Ionic.
  • AngularJS and Cordova : The Ionic framework is based on AngularJs and Cordova technologies, so it can rely on the performance and community of these frameworks.
  • Flexible tool: Ionic allows the development of many features such as geolocalisation, chatbot, etc…

Tekoway, Ionic web technology agency

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