eLearning Platform | Promote safety in high-risk jobs

Plateforme eLearning | Promote safety in high-risk occupations.

The development of a multi-site eLearning platform for a multinational company, for more than 10,000 users and hundreds of service providers. A safety management issue in potentially high-risk jobs.





  • ~1000+ service provider companies
  • ~10000+ users
  • ~40 training of certified courses (training + tests)
  • Covering 20+ topics and ~40 jobs
  • With tests (for certifications) covering ~1000 questions




This multinational company has about 100,000 employees in several dozen countries.

The company’s employees and its hundreds of subcontractors have daily access to different clearance areas that require appropriate certifications.

The objective of this assignment was to find an effective way to ensure that all workers had the necessary clearance and certification to be able to work safely on the different production sites.




  • Project duration :


Tekoway initiated a reversibility plan in March 2019.
After a technical audit, Tekoway set up a support with third-party maintenance and management the evolution life cycles of the digital product.


  • The challenges :


There are about 40 different training courses for certification that are given to employees. They are adapted according to the status, the job category or the site where the person is working. So they cover more than 20 themes and some forty jobs.

In order to meet this need, the goal was to create a customisable eLearning platform. In this way, the company can provide training courses with certification.

At the end of the training, a personal badge is generated (or updated) for the employee. This means that each person on-site has a QR code indicating his/her compulsory accreditations and certifications. These precautions are essential when working with dangerous or high risk products.


  • The success of the application :


Initially, the project was only planned for one subsidiary. Given the time savings and reliability that the eLearning platform would bring, the group decided to extend the system to other subsidiaries.

Tekoway therefore had to change the management paradigm and create a multi-branch system.

« The challenge of this mission was to deal with ad hoc requests. As we went along, everyone had new ideas to incorporate. We had to be very reactive, adaptable and organised to meet the group’s needs as well as possible, » explains Philippe MICHEL, who was in charge of the project.

From functional improvements, to parameterization improvements, to user creation, to adding a new property to a question… a project management in Agile mode was essential.

Tekoway developed a turnkey solution for this client.

As a result, the management of training and certification for employees is facilitated. It is also adaptable to different professions and users.

Around ten thousand sessions have already been carried out, resulting in a high certification rate and, for those who failed, the possibility to catch up and reschedule the courses.

The company has easily been able to appropriate the tool.  Thus, it can add training courses if necessary or modify the existing one in complete autonomy.





    for the back end with API Platform



    for the front end.


  • OPEN SOURCE accelerators & facilitators (this is how we do it)

    Continuous integration; Unit and integration testing; Standard authentication protocol; WYSIWYG editors to generate eLearning materials online

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