APPLICATION | The Artemis project at Sonergia


APPLICATION | The Artémis project at Sonergia. Or how an application can facilitate the access to information, about financing the energy saving works.

TEKOWAY developed a business application in 6 weeks.
It allows Sonergia and its partners to calculate in 3 minutes the amount of the main grants for energy renovation.





For 10 years Sonergia has supported individuals, professionals, social landlords and co-ownerships in their efforts to reduce the energy costs


Sonergia advises the energy consumers (households, local authorities, industry, etc.). For this, it relies on the Energy Savings Certificates (ESC) system. Finally, Sonergia participates in providing financing for their energy renovation work.




  • Duration of the project :


6 weeks


  • The challenges :


Sonergia supports the energy suppliers, in achieving the objectives of reducing the global energy consumption. These objectives are set by the DGEC (General Directorate for Energy and Climate – Ministry of Ecological Transition and Solidarity).

In concrete terms, Sonergia helps various actors to satisfy the conditions required to benefit from energy bonuses.

The users realised that the available simulation tools were not sufficiently accurate.    « From one simulator to another, we never got the same results » explains Philippe Michel, the project manager.

TEKOWAY’s objective was therefore to provide a B2B2C tool that can be easily integrated by B2B2 partners via a simple widget. It allows to calculate reliably the eligibility of the user and the amount of the allocated premium. All while respecting the Sonergia’s technical details and constraints. For example, the design, or the possibility to duplicate and adapt the tool according to the need.


  • The succes of the application :


application-sonergia   application-sonergia

Tekoway Tekoway therefore developed a ready-to-use application for Sonergia, based on complex and interdependent calculation rules.

Tekoway has relied on Sonergia’s information system for certain points. Such as calculating the amount of eco-premiums, but also the different rules for other financial aid. In this way, the simulator provides reliable and consistent results.

Finally, in order to respond to legislative changes, Tekoway stored the calculations in an intelligible and easily modifiable language. The aim was to allow Sonergia make modifications autonomously, without the need to contact Tekoway. Thus maintaining Sonergia’s business and operational expertise.

Sonergia was therefore able to easily appropriate the rule-based system and obtained several benefits from this application :

– First of all, it is a durable tool that can be duplicated. The application was developed in the form of a widget, so that it can be installed on any partner site ;

Saving time on calculations. It takes only 3 minutes to calculate the eligibility and the amount of aid. The developed application therefore makes the process 20 times faster than before ;

– The possibility to keep partners loyal by providing them a tool to help them transform their business. Since they can now calculate, directly with their clients, the amount of their aid ;

The enlargement and qualification of its database. Thanks to the questionnaire filled in by the user, it is now possible to simulate the eligibility and the amount of the renovation aid.



  • Lumen

    for the back end (Laravel lite).


  • React

    for the front end.


  • OPEN SOURCE accelerators & facilitators (this is how we do it)

    Rule-based system and an evaluation engine to build complex eligibility and calculation policies. Unit and integration tests. Standard protocol for authentication.

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