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A Framework ? But what is it ? 

The English word « Framework » means a basic structure. Its primary objective is to simplify and frame the developers’ work by providing a ready-to-use architecture to develop applications.

The frameworks bring together functionalities that will facilitate and automatize the development of a web application. It is a kind of toolbox and a working method.

There are several types of frameworks to develop mobile applications, web applications, games, websites, plug-ins, CSS… Most of them are specific to a scripting or programming language.

Why use a Framework ?

Why use a Framework? Firstly, by using a framework, the developer can concentrate on specific tasks.

In particular, it allows to reuse a code rather than reinventing it each time a new project is developed due to the use of code libraries. A framework defines standardized conventions and methods for a certain number of tasks, hence the term “convention over configuration”. Respecting these practices in a framework makes it easier for a new developer to join an existing project as soon as he or she knows the used framework.

Finally, one of its greatest advantages is that it ensures the ongoing maintenance of applications.

Which Frameworks to use ? 

There are a lot of open source Frameworks :

  • Back-end development back : Symfony, Laravel, CakePHP etc…
  • Front-end development : Angular, React, Vue.js…

Several Frameworks are known because they have been adopted by many developers and because of the input of their contributors. As a result, a variety of forums and documentations are available on the net.

Laravel & Symfony at Tekoway  

We usually use Symfony or Laravel for most of our client projects. They are both flexible and powerful open source frameworks. Both represent a very powerful toolbox for building large-scale web applications.

The combined skills of our Symfony and Laravel developers have allowed Tekoway to broaden its field of expertise and become an expert in PHP framework development.

Angular & React at Tekoway  

Web giants such as Facebook, Instragram, Netflix or Whatsapp use these technologies for their web applications.

Tekoway has been working with the web technologies, and in particular Javascript, since the very beginning. Our experts master the Angular & React frameworks to create your customized web applications.
Our know-how on development and technical expertise is recognized through our numerous achievements.

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