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Symfony, much more than a framework

Symfony is now almost universal on the Internet. More than 80% of websites use this technology.

It is defined as a set of PHP components as well as a free MVC framework written in PHP and has flexible functionalities that make the development of a website easier and faster.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the Web leaders such as Yahoo and Dailymotion, or the large media groups such as the BBC, the Figaro Group or e-TF1 use Symfony.

Why use the Symfony framework Symfony

The Symfony components are reusable for web projects. This framework accelerates the production and maintenance of web applications and eliminates repetitive code tasks.
It is a practical and efficient technology that allows developers to add their own modules. Moreover, some components are used by multiple prestigious companies with their projects such as Google, Facebook and Joomla.

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What are the advantages of using a framework like Symfony ?

  • A popular framework : Symfony is one of the most used frameworks in the world and it is French. It is developed by the company SensioLabs.
  • Precise development techniques : this framework encourages to methodically organise one’s code, thus granting a stable, solid and efficient work.
  • Productivity benefits: Symfony is scalable and adaptable, so it can meet the needs of all types of projects. This considerably increases the speed of development.
  • A large community: Symfony has a large community of developers and users. Many tutorials, updates or bundles are now shared and available on Internet.

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