Consulting in RGPD

Personal data security

The General Data Protection Regulation, in force since 25 May, is getting tougher, and it is time to react.

Your  responsibility

You must always guarantee an optimal level of data protection and be able to prove it by documenting its compliance.

Less leniency 

Non-compliance with regulations can lead to progressive measures that may involve graduated sanctions.

Financial penalties

Particularly punitive administrative fines ranging from €10 to €20 million and, for a company, from 2 to 4% of its turnover.

A damaged image

If there is a problem with your data security, your image will also be affected. A loss of confidence will also come from your « users ».

How Tekoway can support you

Appoint a delegate.

You’ll need someone to oversee your internal actions. He or she will have to understand and respect the requirements of the regulation, interact with the data protection authorities and reduce the risk of litigation.

Map your data.

You will have to maintain a complete internal documentation of personal data processing and ensure that these processes comply with the new legal provisions.

Risk management.

You will have to identify the personal data processing operations that are likely to generate high risks and carry out a risk assessment of the data protection and risk management.


Identify and prioritise your actions.

You will have to identify the actions to be taken to comply with the current and future obligations. You will also need to consider the risks that your processing operations may pose to the rights and privacy of the data subjects and prioritise these actions.


Organise your processes.

You will have to carry out periodic security audits to always maintain a high level of personal data protection.


Record compliance.

You will have to build up and gather the necessary documentation. You will also need a consent form. Documentation templates can be provided.


Tekoway solutions 

1. Essential formula:

A detailed presentation with the essential information required to move forward with your project.

150 € HT

2. Basic formula* :

A presentation with a document to be completed without accompaniment.

1750 € HT

*. All our star packages contain : a method, a document repository, dashboards, a scoping note, processes, …

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