What is the purpose of this service ?
To check that your website does not have any problems when many users are connected and act simultaneously


Measure the resistance of your site in case the number of visitors increases drastically, assess the maximum capacity of the site and optimise the overall performance.

Included services

Create test scenarios, project management and recommendations during the entire project. We carry out detailed mapping of the various elements and performance reports.


Anticipate the risks, optimise the site’s performance accordingly. Ensure optimal performance when the number of visitors increases drastically and avoid disappointment among your users. Thus increase your conversion rate.

How it works ?

How many websites have already been inaccessible for a longer or shorter period after a key event?
Like for example the mention of your domain name in a broadcast !

The performance tests, also called load tests (TMC) are important for any website and especially for e-commerce. Among other things, they prevent this type of problem.

These tests also aim to determine, via a large and virtual increase of users/actions on a site, its capacity to function normally without risks of cuts, slowdowns or others.

The aim is also to check that your users’ experience will not be impacted if your server is subject to heavy requests.

To carry out these tests, we define several scenarios that will be reproduced automatically and during a very short period of time. Logging in, logging out, adding an item to the shopping cart, etc… are scenarios that we will define with you and for which a detailed report will be generated.

Que votre plateforme web soit un e-commerce, un ERP ou toutsimplement un site vitrine, il est important de vérifier avant son lancement ou une forte communication que chaque scénario ou fonctionnalité s’actionne sans problème(s)

Case study

Context of the request :

Riviera Villages is currently optimising its organisation through its internal management tools. Tekoway is helping to find the right balance between the existing solutions, operational efficiency and a better user experience.

Project :

  • Project management assistance
  • Audit, Consulting and Support
  • Technical recommendations



The Riviera Villages group has been working with Tekoway for over a year. Thanks to their expertise and availability, we have been able to do a lot of in-depth work to reorganise our information system, a task that we would not have been able to do on our own.
Tekoway was also able to encourage us to find the right questions and reactions.

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